1. V

    Sell D-BOX Gen1 3250i (3DOF Motion) #EU only

    Hi, selling my D-BOX Gen 1 3250i (3DOF Motion) because my healthy issues and motivation problem, I used only few times in the last year. bought autumn in 2019 from local distributor in USA, box was unopened and new no warranty but these last forever it comes everything what is needed, D-Box...
  2. rikirk

    Sell US - For Sale High End Rig (parts)

    For sale in the United States only the items below: Chassis - SOLD Seat - SOLD Motion - SOLD Wheel base - SOLD Sterring wheels and button box Open Sim Rig 488 GT3 steering wheel with AF QR (8-pin avio connector to USB hub) – SOLD Open Sim RIg 488 GT3 dashboard (small) – SOLD F1Simgames R8...
  3. Have Your Say - What Do You Think Is The Next Big Hardware Development?

    Have Your Say - What Do You Think Is The Next Big Hardware Development?

    Just like real motorsports, sim racing is steadily evolving, and especially the hardware side of things has made enormous progress in recent years. With all the advancements having been made, this begs the very interesting question: What is next? Let us know your opinion in the comments below...
  4. B

    Sell Sim Equipment for sale

    Hi All, I have a number of high end sim equipment for sale. These were all due for a large customer order but this has been delayed till next year now. As a result I am looking to sell these items to recoup some investment. Almost all these items have not been used, I will have started to...
  5. RaceNut

    RBR with D-box Motion

    Does anyone active with RBR use a D-box rig? I'm unable to get things working without having the graphics freeze when I run the D-box system with RBR (both the standard and RBRcz versions). I tried a fresh install of RBR with no mods or plug-in's, then later added the "Fix Up" plug-in but, no...
  6. HugoB

    D-Box vs Prosimu

    Hi fellow simracers, I’m interested if anyone has experience with both motion platforms and if you could tell the price difference is worth it? I understand Prosimu has a new actuator the ‘PRS 200’: http://www.prosimu-shop.com/en/75-t1000.html It has double the speed of the D-Box actuators...