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custom shaders

  1. Zoltan76

    Content Manager | Support Thread | Ask CM questions in here

    Hi everybody, I use the CM for a while now and wanted to get access to the features sported by only the full version. So I wanted to donate but the form kept asking what my phone number was. Not the mobile one but the other one. Man. This is 2017 for God's sake and I oly have mobile phone. I...
  2. M

    Apps Custom Shader dark interior problem on AC

    Using Custom Shaders Patch later versions than 1.42 I've got the interior of any car completely dark, outside is ok but inside the car everything is (almost) black. I tried to swatch off many option but the only way to fix that is to downgrade patch to 1.42... but doing that I can't use SOL. Has...
  3. C

    General Chrome Gold Custom Shaders Help

    i'm new to AC modding and had a question about using 3dsim to create a nice gold chrome. I'm having trouble getting a good looking gold chrome. I know how to get a really nice chrome/nickel but after some research i'm coming up short on how to get a proper chrome gold. Any help would be much...