1. R

    Cremona Circuit - TV Replay Cameras (+ MORE) 2020-06-28

    Extract zipped file to Steam/steamapps/common/assettocorsa. Note1: consider renaming/backing up before overwriting your files... example - renaming camera files: rename to cameras_X.ini and so forth (X represents the camera number). Zipped file contains: - 6 replay cameras - VAO patch-file -...
  2. Luu

    Cremona Circuit "San Martino del Lago" 0.6

    The Rollovers with the authorization of the creator "Leo Nogueira" present Cremona Circuit in beta release! NOTES: The track still; need a proper ai lines, Tv cams and some fixes on terrain. The track is already playeable online with 24 pitboxes Any help will be appreciated just contact me...
  3. andrea1968

    cremona 1.1

    Track created by PRF1_W3 LEO NOGUEIRA, RODRIGO VIEIRA, DrowLORD, I allowed myself to make touch-ups because it is a fantastic track and very well done but with graphic and AI problems, now if it exceeds 105% it becomes really fun with most part of the cars. Thanks again to the authors for the...