conor daly

  1. S

    2020 Conor Daly #20 - U.S. Air Force 1.0

    2020 Conor Daly #20 - U.S. Air Force put the .mas file here: rFactor 2\Installed\Vehicles\DallaraIR18_2020\1.43
  2. skierdude24

    VRC Formula NA 2021 - Conor Daly Air Force #47 1.2

    A tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen who flew the famous red-tailed P-51 Mustang, Conor Daly drove this striking livery to most laps led in the 2021 Indy 500. Unfortunately his day was cut short after launching Graham Rahal's rear tire to the stratosphere. This is probably one of my favorite...
  3. Kamiklaasie

    RSS Formula Americas - Indycar 20 Conor Daly 1.1

    Real life skin for the number 20 car Conor Daly. Based on the fantastic RSS Formula Americas 2020. You can buy the car here. Firestone tires included. WARNING If you want to keep the original Firestarter soft tires on the basic RSS skins, don't copy my extension folder! If you want the...
  4. J

    #20 Ed Carpenter Racing for VRC Formula NA 2018 (Road) 1.1

    After many hours of work i may finally present my second skin mod for Assetto Corsa to you :) Just like my Mazda skin I couldn't resist recreating Conor Daly's 2020 Indy Car challenger, which is one of the sickest liveries i've ever seen. :D I hope you'll enjoy it, I would appreciate reviews...
  5. Noobiix007

    URD Formula 2017 ABC Foyt Honda Indycar (road) #4 1.0

    Once again another skin for the URD Formula mod, this time the ABC A.J Foyt Enterprises Honda Indycar #4, based on the default 14 livery from URD, tyres from bastoner97. Honda road course model (Suzuka Road) This scheme is based of Takuma Sato, Conor Daly, Carlos Munos and Jack Hawksworth...