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british gp

  1. J

    F1 2021 Lewis Hamilton's British GP 2021 Helmet

    I haven't found any F1 2021 mod with Lewis' special British GP helmet from this year yet. I would love to use it for myself in MyTeam! If anyone wants to or already has made it, I'd love to download it.
  2. Podcast: Motorsport Games, Fanatec, Gran Turismo, Simracing Expo, British GP and Shaun Clarke

    Podcast: Motorsport Games, Fanatec, Gran Turismo, Simracing Expo, British GP and Shaun Clarke

    A new episode of the RaceDepartment Podcast has now been released, with hosts Paul, Davide and Dani talking about the latest news from Motorsport Games, the Fanatec and Gran Turismo partnership, the upcoming Sim Racing Expo and Formula 1’s British Grand Prix, plus a special tribute to the late...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    BREAKING NEWS | Sergio Perez To Miss British GP After Positive Covid Test

    Racing Point Formula One driver Sergio Perez will miss the upcoming British Grand Prix after testing positive for Covid-19. Perez well and self isolating. Racing Point intend to announce replacement driver. British GP weekend to proceed as scheduled. In something of a surprise ahead of the...
  4. Kris

    Red Bull 007 British GP Livery 007

    Hey guy's, This is the Red Bull 007 British GP Livery Known issues with the livery: No number plate on rear wing 007 not as big on the side 007 cut off around the halo The reason for these issues is because the car UV just doesn't cater for these changes and can't be done...
  5. A

    Low points of the 2018 British Grand Prix

    It seems impossible to find bad parts in such a thrilling British GP, but somehow, I’ve managed to find 4 issues that I – and probably many others – had with the race. We can’t speak about this years British Grand Prix without touching on the incident at turn 3. Yes, that’s right. Kimi...
  6. Kjell81d

    Silverstone GP DRS Zones .1

    This is a rough estimate of the new DRS from descriptions. I'll update it once I see video of free practice.