1. Penta

    GT-M Bayro 6 V8 Real Logos 1.0

    Real logos for almost all of the equipment inside the cockpit, the BMW roundell and the BBS rims also have been replaced. I've left out some off the smaller logos, since you can't really see them. To install the logos, simply place all the textures inside the "GT-M Bayro 6 V8 Real Logos"...
  2. GeForce06

    URD Bayro EGT - BMW Team Italia 1.0

    Fictional BMW Team Italia You will need the Bayro EGT 2018 by United Racing Design Installation: just extract to your Assetto Corsa root folder. Hope you like it :):)
  3. gibsonhase

    BMW M8 GTE [DENIM (Fictional Retro) | WEC 2018/19] 1.0

    A "What would happen if BMW follows Porsche's idea and introduces retro liveries"-livery... A livery for the URD Bayro EGT 2018 (aka BMW M8 GTE), inspired by the BMW M1 Procar driven by Hans Heyer in 1980. I did not make a 100% replica of the old design. Instead I used the current logos and...
  4. S

    2019 IMSA BMW Team RLL #24 #25 1.2

    The skin is BMW Team RLL #24 #25 by 2019 IMSA. credits: @URD : AC Bayro EGT 2018 @AbeWoz : 2019 IMSA WeatherTech Number Plates Daytona 24h Motul Petit Le Mans Enjoy.
  5. J

    URD Bayro EGT 2018 - BMW MTEK Le Mans 2019 4K 1.1

    Le Mans skin for URD's Bayro EGT 2018 in 4K No 81 No 82
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