audi sport

  1. madmax_2a

    DasHammerV1_Audi Quattro A1 #1 Winner Rally RAC Lombard 1982 - H.Mikkola - A.Hertz V1

    Hi all, :) When you look and download skins for any game, you have no idea how much time the person who did the livery spent with their photo editing software, so you have the right to not download the skins you looked at, but also think about the livery designer. :cautious: A like only takes...
  2. shadow118

    RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 Audi F1 livery 1.0

    Audi F1 livery for RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 Tires by @Marco17_ok Based on the concept livery that Audi revealed recently The livery works for both versions of the car (it's packaged for the S version, so CM will install it for that one, but you can just copy the livery folder to the non-S...
  3. welshtoast

    Audi R8 LMS | Audi Sport Team Rosberg | DTM Norisring 2019 V1.0

    For the first time in a while, I have decided to release a livery on RaceDepartment again, this time venturing onto ACC. This skin is based on the livery ran by Rene Rast at the 2019 Edition of the Norisring round in the DTM. The skin is not a 100% replica, because it is not designed to be...
  4. GuiihRamos

    Audi Sport LMP1 2016 | VRC ByCollin 2021-06-15

    Hello, hope you like it! Support my work: Donate PS: It's an adaptation, I tried to make it as equal as possible. Hope you enjoy this mod! Consider rating if you liked it! Feel free to report any errors! If you like my work, consider donating, any amount is accepted and very grateful: Donate
  5. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa

    SF Express Tianshi ZUVER Team Macau GP 2020 1.0

    Driven by Billy Lo on Macau GP 2020 event. Not a lot thing to tell in here, but if you seeing the replica and render reveal tires they do it different with the raceday. On race day they use Avon but on render they use Pirelli and Yokohama Advan. Will come to ACC later. Credit: @tatit used 2...
  6. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa

    Eva Racing Team TSRT Macau GP 2020 1.0

    Driven by David Chen on Macau GP 2020 event. Big note in here, there's NO camo like in render because since working on this since now, I can't seeing the camo on video and photo it just like shadow to me, don't get me wrong I really want put that but you just barely seeing that then why? Oh...
  7. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa

    Evisu Racing XWorks Macau GP 2020 1.0

    Driven by Marchy Lee on Macau GP 2020 event. At first to be clear this is pretty much total remaking on side area since ACC version is dedicated to ACC. This include of redrawn the dragon and Evisu logo. Asset that I used from ACC was sponsor and the wave only. And this one pretty much...
  8. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa

    Audi Red Bull R8 LMS Evo Sprint 2021 1.0

    AC version of my 2021 RB Audi project, recommend for R8 LMS Sprint only but if you want put it on Endurance version you welcome. ACC skin: Preview
  9. Fabian.W

    Audi Sport Team's R8 LMS GT3 Evo NLS 3 2021 1.0

    Here are my next skins, this time the factory R8 LMS from Audi Sport which took part in NLS 3 2021 Audi Sport Team Land #29 Audi Sport Team Car Collection #23 Audi Sport Team Car Collection #32 Audi Sport Team Phoenix #15 Have fun with it!
  10. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa

    Bostik Audi #24 GTWC 2021 1.0

    Original: @MajkiMajk for ACC Convert & Fitting to AC: Balwerk Continuity from B12H AC version, now I make the GTWC Australia for original version please give a shout to MajkiMajk. With all new Gecko mascot on side (since it needed to be change if I want proper replica for this year GTWC...
  11. Double R

    Audi Sport (MyTeam) (Ultimate-Pack) 2.0

    A livery based on Le Mans 24 Hours Winner: Audi R10 TDI - FEATURES: - A livery car Based on Le Mans 24 Hours Winner: Audi R10 TDI - Driver suit - Gloves - Boots - Emblem - Full office remodeled - Pit crew, racecrew and full pit stop - More features inside... - SOME SCREENSHOTS...
  12. Mahardhika Putra Baliwa

    Red Bull Audi GT3 2021 1

    Red Bull Audi 2021, this pretty much update of 2020 Red Bull Audi. Have 2 version coloring Black-Red and White-Blue Note not allowed convert to Assetto Corsa without my knowledge. Installation just extract on Mydocument Preview image taken before Fanatec banner update appear
  13. A

    Kyalami 2020 Audi R8 GT3 Team WRT/Car collection 1.0

    The skins are for the R8 LMS EVO by MasterKey - After one year im back with kyalami (2020) special liveries for Audi R8 EVO. 3 skins 1. Audi Sport Car collection #44 2. Audi Sport WRT #31 3. Audi Sport WRT #32 Let me know if u like it or...
  14. Bozz.gee

    Audi Sport Spa 24 hours 2020 Pack 2020-10-26

    Audi Sport Spa 24 hours 2020 Pack Skins for all the factory backed teams: (2nd Place) #66 Audi Sport Attempto Racing (5th Place) #25 Audi Sport Sainteloc Racing (15th Place) Audi Sport Team WRT (DNF) Audi Sport Team WRT
  15. Fabian.W

    Montaplast by Land Motorsport VLN9 2018 R8 LMS Evo 1.0

    Here is my next skin, the Montaplast by Land Motorsport Audi R8 LMS Evo which was used for testing at VLN 9 2018 Have fun with it !
  16. Fabian.W

    Audi Sport Team Car Collection 24h NBR 2020 V1.0

    Here is my next skin, the Audi Sport Team Car Collection R8 LMS Evo from the 24h Nürburgring 2020 Have fun with it !
  17. Fabian.W

    Audi Sport Team Phoenix 24h NBR 2020 V1.1

    Here is my next skin, the Audi Sport Team Phoenix R8 LMS Evo from the 24h Nürburgring 2020
  18. Fabian.W

    Audi Sport Team Land NLS 2020 1.1

    Here is my next skin, the Audi Sport Team Land R8 LMS from NLS 5 2020. Have fun with it !
  19. MikeR1D

    Audi TT Cup skin pack - 9 DTM inspired liveries (4k) 1.0

    Made for a private event, 3 teams of 3 cars, thought I'd share!
  20. Darkle

    Audi F01 e-tron - |Audi Sport ABT SCHAEFFLER - Team Package| v.2.0

    Hi everyone, this is my first F1 game mod, the new My Team game mode and its possibilities caught my attention so I finally created my first mod! Audi has come to F1 and is doing it with well known partners in the motorsport world (F1,WEC and Formula E) presenting the new Formula 1 team, Audi...