1. Pippobaldo

    Bunny Girl Senpai itasha Mazda Rx7 1.0

    just came back from holiday and decided to do a new livery. Still learning but i see some improvements from the old liveries so I'm happy with it
  2. soulkobk

    Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 TT 12 'CINZANO' Fictional (Non-Historic) Skins 1.0

    These CINZANO skins are for the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 TT 12 by @rmi_wood. Please note, these are marked as 'fictional' due to the resource/example used for this skin/livery set is from the 'Alfa Romeo 33/3' not the 'Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 TT 12'. The multiple skin variants contained within are...
  3. soulkobk

    Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 TT 12 'MARTINI' Fictional (Non-Historic) Skins 2.0

    Following on from my original skins for the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 TT 12 by @rmi_wood, I have since revised them and created version 2 (these will not overwrite the originals). These have been my first skinning attempts within Assetto Corsa, and my first public skin/livery release. The multiple...
  4. monkeyfan250

    Most wanted skin [BMW M3 GTR MW Beta mod] skin 1.0

    based on a mod by PedroBLR mod link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p675plhxk78j1q4/pb_m3gtr.rar/file warning: mod is beta stages, the mod may or may not work for you this is my "fix" based on the one included with the skin. screenshots from most wanted were used and color corrected to be as...
  5. monkeyfan250

    Canon skin[F1 classic skin] VRC Williams FW37 mod 2019-12-08

    based on the williams FW14B This skin was needed to bring back a classic feel to a modern f1 car enjoy :)
  6. monkeyfan250

    Gazzo Racing Skin[Modded car] 2007 Toyota Camry 1.0

    just a cool skin i wanted to make for this particular car i thought it would be fun to do mod link:https://mega.nz/#!swQQ2QqD!aQIMaiZOq-tZKSiDkzopea_NUop54ajLf20r8bVQG-k enjoy :D
  7. monkeyfan250

    Carrot MK1 [Ridge Racer 1] Nissan 370z 1.0

    based on the car from ridge racer 1 (image by :https://www.deviantart.com/advanxgt)
  8. monkeyfan250

    JVYPENNANT's RX7[NFS 2015] Mazda RX7 Tuned 1.0

    a recreation of JVYPENNANT's RX7 with CROWNED's GTR its not 100% accurate to the actual car, but i did try to get it as close as i could XD video link:
  9. monkeyfan250

    window and texture fix [modded cars] HONDA ACCORD MTN 1.0

    this is to fix both the window's and the "flat look" the mod had, if this doesn't fix the issue let me know, and i will remove it accordingly. this fix is supposed to make the windows transparent on ALL default skins, you must replace ALL DEFAULT SKINS in this mod for these to work, also the...
  10. monkeyfan250

    More Colors Pack [real colors] Nissan GTR-Nismo 1.0

    this pack includes Midnight Purple (based on the Modern take of it) Midnight Purple original( based on the Nissan GT-R34) Yellow (based on the Nissan GT-R34) Calsonic Blue (based on the Calsonic GT-R32) all the cars will work on the grid
  11. monkeyfan250

    Honda HSV RacePack 1[Super GT] Honda HSV-GT 1.0

    a skin pack that included Spoon racing 95 Spoon 01 Dome Honda racing Prototype 18 Takata Green 18 Takata Yellow here is a test for a skin pack of this car, i like this car a lot and i feel you guys do as well MOD link:https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/supergt-gt500-hsv010-gt.16866/
  12. monkeyfan250

    Takata Dome Green [Super GT] Honda HSV Skin 1.5

    a lot more effort went into this, based on the green takata NSX MOD link:https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/supergt-gt500-hsv010-gt.16866/ UPDATE:10/2/2019 car skin will now show up on grid (priority added) screenshots on this post have been fixed
  13. monkeyfan250

    T-2 Jet Trainer [JSDF] Mazda RX7 Spirit R 1.0

    based on this something i thought would be cool to do :)
  14. monkeyfan250

    Kanata GT86 V2 [MFGhost] Toyota GT86 3.0

    here is V2 of the First Mfghost skin the reason i didn't "update" the first one is because it was my first, so i want to keep that skin as a memory from where i began anyways enjoy this 100% redo of that skin EDIT 10/22/2019: the preview should show in game pictures updated
  15. monkeyfan250

    Takata DOME Yellow [UPDATED] [Super GT] Honda HSV skin 2.0

    based on the Takata DOME NSX, this skin was made for the honda HSV MOD:https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/supergt-gt500-hsv010-gt.16866/ UPDATE 10/2/2019 new details added small details have been fixed car skin will now show up on grid (priority added)
  16. monkeyfan250

    [Drift Missle] Trashed AE86 Tuned 1.0

    the tuned ae86 this is based on the normal trashed Ae86, but added stuff XD anyways enjoy :D
  17. monkeyfan250

    [Drift Missle] Trashed AE86 1.0

    just a fun little play on a battered drift missle
  18. monkeyfan250

    Kamata Angelus [RIDGE RACER 7 and 3D][Updated] Praga R1 2.0

    mistakes are found in this UPDATE 10/2/19 this is an update of the ridge racer skin for this car that includes -fixed skin -updated preview and livery logo -car will now show on the track (if skin isn't selected) -details redone title corrected, this is based on the one only seen in ridge...