amr v8 vantage

  1. Azure Goat

    Ridge Racer Type 4 ACC Skins v1.0

    I didn't see much Ridge Racer love for ACC, so after making and using the RTS skin for myself for some time I went ahead and put together other teams in respective cars to have a full roster! This mod gives 4 team liveries for different cars: #02 Racing Team Solvalou for the Assoluto...
  2. Retember

    Aston Martin TF Sport 4 Horsemen Racing 33 - Le Mans 2021 Version 1.1

    The runner up of the GTE AM class in the recent 24 Hours of Le Mans. This one was driven by Ben Keating, Dylan Pereira and Felipe Fraga. I included every detail of this car from actual pictures and videos of the race. Only difference is, I added sponsors logos on sideskirts, as per Le Mans...
  3. fub_47

    Carver Skateboards Aston Martin AMR V8 Vantage GT3 Livery 1.0

    Custom Livery by Carver Skateboards for the Aston Martin AMR V8 Vantage GT3
  4. johnkevnguyen1980

    Aston Martin Red Bull Racing 2021-03-24

    Inspired by 2018 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing F1 livery.
  5. Andyt68

    Heinz Beans Racing AMR V8 Vantage 1

    Don't take this one too seriously, it's just a bit of fun. It's my first livery and started out as a test, but I spent too much time on this to keep it for myself. Enjoy some original tin top racing!
  6. H

    [Guide] AMR V8 Vantage GT3 2019 - Livery Guides (WIP) 1.0

    Using these templates (here's all ACC Car templates in psd) I'm trying to create better guides for editing.The file attached has a PSD for editing and a PNG for guides. The PNG file is already organized by part, groups and layer...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    Assetto Corsa Competizione: 2019 AMR V8 Vantage GT3 Preview

    With the 2019 Blancpain GT Series free DLC close to release for Assetto Corsa Competizione, Kunos have teased a nice preview of the 2019 spec GT3 Aston Martin... When Assetto Corsa Competizione first hit Steam Early Access earlier this year, developers Kunos Simulazioni announced their...