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    Sell SFX-100 Kinetik profiles, servo driver and bits...

    Hi, I've just upgraded my profiles and shafts to SFX-150 and I'm also very sensitive to the 10kHz whine so all my servo drivers have been upgraded. Ideally, I'd like this to go to someone who's just started building their system with the whole lot going for a bargain £550. This includes: 1. x4...
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    AASD15A AMC Controller and PT-Actuators

    I saw there was a huge thread with information I needed about EMI/RFI interference for my PT-Actuators Motion Rig, but it's gone and there's a 2nd thread also and it's locked from comments. What's going on? Are we not allowed to post information about the PT-Actuators motion kits or the AASD15A...