1. Harry Eichler

    Porsche 962c Longtail Rothmans 1987 without wheel covers 1.0

    This skin is the Rothmans Porsche 962c Longtail that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1987. The car is currently kept without wheel covers. Hans-Joachim Stuck, Derek Bell, and Al Holbert took this car to victory at Le Mans for the Rothmans Porsche AG Racing team. This beast is powered by a 3.0L...
  2. Flipdo3

    Porsche 962C Shorttail: Brun Motorsport Jagermeister (1985) 1.0

    the Brun Motorsport Jagermeister car as driven in the 1000km of Hockenheim in 1985 by Walter Brun and Gerhard Berger. I have picked Berger for this livery.
  3. Flipdo3

    Porsche 962C Shorttail: Jaguar XJR6 (1985) 1.0

    Jaguar XJR-6 (85) Driven by Hans Heyer. The car debuted in Mosport 1000km in 1985, and the #52 car was driven by Hans Heyer, Jean-Louis Schlesser and Tom Walkinshaw (thanks ricki :D ) I have picked Heyer for the ai driver.
  4. Flipdo3

    Porsche 962C Shorttail: Lancia LC2 (1985) 1.0

    Here is my skin of the #5 Lancia LC2 (Mauro Baldi, Bob Wollek + Riccardo Patrese) for the Porsche 962C short tail. Hope you guys enjoy. I created the skin because I noticed there was not one easily available and I wanted to do a classic WSC race. There is only one livery for the car, more may...
  5. moustiqo


    1989 24 Hours of Le Mans livery from Richard Lloyd Racing for the 962GTi version. Modified for a 962c short tail. Hope you enjoy!
  6. BroncosXR8

    Porsche 962C Short Tail @ Spa-Francorchamps

    So I've just cracked the bronze achievement at Spa in the 962 Short Tail. I'm definitely no setup master, and mainly get mine direct from here, however I wasn't able to find any for this combo so had to mess around with it myself. Dropped a good 3-4 seconds with the attached setup. Mainly...
  7. Alman

    Dirty Layer PSD for Porsche 962C ST / LT (FOR SKINNERS) 1.0

    Hi guys Here the dirty layer I've used in my skin, it's in PSD format so now you can use it in any new or already existent skin. Both ST / LT versions available. Enjoy ;)
  8. Alman

    Rothmans #17 LM 1987 Winner 4K +Suit/Gloves/Helmet/Crew 1.01

    Hi all, my first skin for Assetto Corsa, and my second post here. :) Not totally happy with the accuracy of the already provided Rothmans #17 I decided to make a totally new one, references from the original car while the race, added a dirty version as bonus, for Photomode mainly. The skin...
  9. Daniel Gomez

    962c Trust Nisseki #49 - Le Mans 1991 0.8

    Based on restored version, not original, as there's no good images from original and model cars are not accurate sources. Some things to fix as UV mapping is awful in model, that's why not 1.0, but the main idea is there.
  10. formulaHEINE

    BISON Porsche 962C #85 1.0

    The skin features a fictional retro livery from the mid 1980ies for both versions, longtail and shorttail, of the Porsche 962C. Design concept is black base paint with several parts highlighted in red, like rims, windscreen, endplates. A german-flag stripe wraps around the cockpit area and runs...