1. Ryno917

    Porsche 962C Short Tail - Penske Sunoco Tribute Livery 1

    My recreation of the iconic Donohue Sunoco livery from the 917/30 on the 962C. It just fits. Livery uses the functionality of Stereo's shader (from his Dodge Monaco mod) to get the deeper metallic blue and chrome side trim; you must either have that shader installed or have CSP installed to see...
  2. Flipdo3

    Porsche 962C Shorttail: Brun Motorsport Jagermeister (1985) 1.0

    the Brun Motorsport Jagermeister car as driven in the 1000km of Hockenheim in 1985 by Walter Brun and Gerhard Berger. I have picked Berger for this livery.
  3. Flipdo3

    Porsche 962C Shorttail: Jaguar XJR6 (1985) 1.0

    Jaguar XJR-6 (85) Driven by Hans Heyer. The car debuted in Mosport 1000km in 1985, and the #52 car was driven by Hans Heyer, Jean-Louis Schlesser and Tom Walkinshaw (thanks ricki :D ) I have picked Heyer for the ai driver.
  4. Flipdo3

    Porsche 962C Shorttail: Lancia LC2 (1985) 1.0

    Here is my skin of the #5 Lancia LC2 (Mauro Baldi, Bob Wollek + Riccardo Patrese) for the Porsche 962C short tail. Hope you guys enjoy. I created the skin because I noticed there was not one easily available and I wanted to do a classic WSC race. There is only one livery for the car, more may...
  5. Daniel Gomez

    962c Brun Motorsport - Torno #2 - Silverstone 1000km 1987 - Larrauri / Sigala 1.0

    Many thanks to Sacha Brun. Without his help, I wouldn't get this level of detail on such a beatiful historic car. Soon will complete all other TORNO Brun cars for 1987 - Spa & Monza, #1 & #2, will release everything in a pack.. Take this as a spoiler. Note: some lines at the car could be...
  6. Daniel Gomez

    962c Trust Nisseki #49 - Le Mans 1991 0.8

    Based on restored version, not original, as there's no good images from original and model cars are not accurate sources. Some things to fix as UV mapping is awful in model, that's why not 1.0, but the main idea is there.
  7. Daniel Gomez

    Porsche 962C Brun Motorsport - Takefuji - Fuji 1000 Km 1987 - Cars #1 & #2 - 4K 1.0

    Takefuji Brun 1987 Car #1 - Larrauri, Mass, Brun Car #2 - Pareja, Schäfer, Reuter Special thanks to Sacha Brun, without your resources, help and advice these cars would've been impossible to create.
  8. Daniel Gomez

    Porsche 962C Takefuji Racing Team - Suzuka 1000 km - 1990 1.0

    1.0 - Corrected skin for 1000km Suzuka 1990 Wollek/Herbert - Team Schuppan car. ----------------------- This is my first skin for AC, so be patient. I'm still learning this sim, but I'm planning to move all the skins I did for Mak Corp Group C mod. So at least several japanese 962 are on the...