1. BreakAlien

    Mercedes 190E evo 2 - AGIP 43 - 4K 1.0

    My first contribution here. This skin come with: -black rims -tape on the headlight -a little bit darker calender If you don't like these features, you can remove it, delete the files in the skin folder: -for the rims, delete rim.dds & rim_blur.dds -for the tape, delete...
  2. rpmmod

    Mercedes 190 DTM 1992 0.81

    Mercedes 190 E 2.5 16 Evolution II 1992 with complex aero INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS : - Extract the folder "mercedes_190_evo2_1992" in content\cars. - Copy from folder "ks_mercedes_190_evo2" all the files and folders exept "data.acd" files and "ui" folder, say yes for merge folder "sfx". -...
  3. Gvioulspea

    Cars Mercedes 190e EVO II DTM 1993 [WIP]

    Mercedes-Benz 190e EVO II DTM 1993 for Assetto Corsa. Supports development PLEASE!!! Gvioulspea (3d) in collaboration with Modders Squadra Corse!!! Thanks to all simulation mates!!! (please if something is wrong in the post, do not delete it)