Pros: Content is awesome.
Graphics are very good.
Cars sound awesome.
Cons: Logitech G923 steering ratio needs configuring.
Damage model could be improved to be more realistic.
Would like to see stage surface degradation in the future.
Definitely the best WRC game yet..!
Have completed 5 seasons in the career mode and loving it!
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Pros: - Historical content
Cons: - Poor sounds
- Poor graphics
- Poor physics
I am not gonna write anything about historical content, because it is really really great. But from the audiovisual and gameplay point of view, it is a massacre.

I don't have a rally car in my garage, but I've visited hundreds of WRC rally events in my life and unfortunately what the game offers in terms of sound is a mockery. This is definitely not how rally cars sound. There is nothing to comment here.

Graphically, we are dealing with a regression. For comparison, I ran the WRC7 and V-Rally 4 and rubbed my eyes with amazement. How can you release such a monster when the previous games are looking so good? And I completely do not understand why the level of historical 3D car models differs so much from the rest? They have an awfully small amount of details and are poorly reproduced. Subaru Colina McRae, it's actually some kind of Subaru. I already omit the poor quality textures and the notoriously appearing and disappearing elements of the environment. This is very clear when watching the replays

And finally, the best ... physics or driving model. The cars run ... that's good. And that's it. With the assists turned off, the game does not require any major skills from the player at all. Or maybe I am so good... :p It is very easy. Too easy ... With assists, this is a game for "children" at all.

Still, it's a very enjoyable game. Such a racing Need for Speed Porsche. It supposedly simulates some car's behavior on the road, but it also allows for uncompromising driving without a grip.
Pros: Fun
Cons: Too much grip
way too much grip except on snow and ice in Monaco.
Pros: Content!
Improved driving from previous titles
Cons: FFB
Framerate issues
I gave up on dialling in the FFB and settled for a dull asphalt experience instead of exaggerated rattling on dirt roads. Turned off the engine vibration, and set road/suspension vibration at 25%. It can be turned up to 50% for asphalt, but I don't want to be constantly fiddling with it.

It also takes a bit of fiddling to get the title running smoothly, but my experience from the earlier titles made this easier (keywords: 60 fps vsync). The game is more resource hungry than other titles, though, and it has the occasional small freezes. But nothing game breaking on my system, at least.

Other than this, the game is giving me a lot of fun - the stages are very good and plenty. And the cars are of course the best selection available in any game because of the license...

There is a 3rd party telemetry plugin patch available, which is a must-have for me at least.

The menus are a bit clunky but do their job. I would prefer pure keyboard navigation, rather than this keyboard/mouse hybrid solution. It's better than the WRC 9 menu system, which is a disaster on an ultra wide monitor.

As for the driving physics, they are good enough for me to enjoy the game. The car behaviour feels a bit ... simplified at times, but the driving is still very much fun.

Would absolutely recommend the game, despite its obvious flaws.
Pros: Better Physics
Better Car sounds
Better FFB
Better Accurate Co Driver
Better Driving experience
Better Sense of speed and car control
Cons: FPS Optimisation
Wheel animation
Damage Model too forgiving
Problems with connection to server
I haven't had this much fun with a racing game since RBR arrived in 2004 !

Any of the Croatian stage with Loebs old Citroen is well worth the price of admission !

WRC 10 isn't perfect by any means but if KT keep this pace I am sure I can retire RBR Vanilla after WRC 11 arrives so there wont be any need for any Codemasters games for the coming 6 years
Pros: Sound , Graphics , FFB , and the feel of the cars
Cons: Online services unreliable at the moment.
WRC 10 is the most intense , thrilling , rally game I have played , no other driving game feels as good as this when flying through tight fast stages on the limit , what a rush.

Very enjoyable game , A+++