A whooping 308 TB package dropped on Steam today with a suprise update for RaceRoom Racing Experience containing an amazing NOS powered..... shopping cart.

The shopping cart was originally introduced last year when Europe was in lockdown during the COVID pandemic as transport vehicle to collect toiletpaper and a year later it returns to the sim with a lowered chassis and a proper engine with a NOS tank.

This and other improvements you can find in the full changelog below.
  • Shopping Cart - Nobody's panic purchasing toilet paper rolls anymore, so we had to update it to keep this vehicle current. We spent way too much time on this. Shopping Cart is now lowered, has the NSU TTS engine in the back, some bricks in the front to compensate the weight and ah yeah a big NOS tank providing you with 10 push to pass activations.
  • Introduced a partnership with Wordle. The race starting grid is now defined by whoever solves the Wordle first. Saves on fuel and limits the carbon footprint of RaceRoom.
  • Liveries are now NFT's. Your driver avatar will also get Diamond Hands. TO THE MOON!
  • Chat functionality removed as you lot are way too rude.
  • Hand gestures added. Press F to show the finger.
  • RaceRoom Raceway - added the historic layout to show how much we listen to our community.
  • Spa - straightened the Raidillon, for safety reasons.
  • Added NVIDIA HairWorks™ technology to properly render all current DTM drivers.
  • Fixed an issue that caused all players to experience bugs and crashes instead of only affecting players who had not bought the Premium Pack.
  • Audi 90 GTO - Fixed ALL bugs.
  • Ranked: all finishing positions and associated rating changes will be randomized. Why race for wins when you can just be 9th? It's taking part that counts.
  • Introducing revolutionary Win-2-Pay model: Get paid RRRE-Coin for every clean lap you drive. (Unclean laps invoiced separately)
  • Inputs: Introduced “moan to race director” button. Press this enough times to win the race.
  • Sounds: Headphone smashing sounds added.
  • All cars - Moved centre of gravity by 0.000397mm to account for gravity shifts due to glacial ice melting.
  • Increased all error codes by 1.
  • RaceRoom Raceway - Added ducks.
  • Hockenheim - yes it is in the game.
  • Motorland Aragorn - Fixed an issue where the alternative layouts did not have the sun properly positioned. (wrong coordinates). This is for real, we really fixed that.
  • Fixed some crackling in roadfeel sound effects. (also for real, we actually worked on stuff)
If you would like to race the shopping cart (or any other cars from Raceroom) online, esports racing platform Simracing.GP has just been updated with the latest game content. Happy racing and let us know in the comments below how you are handling this beast!