Monster Energy Supercross Official Game Releases Sixth Edition

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Italian games developer Milestone has released its sixth iteration of the official Monster Energy Motocross game. With all the aspects expected of a simulator and plenty of fun new modes, here's all you need to know.
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Alongside the MotoGP and World Superbike games, the Monster Energy Supercross Official Game follows a yearly release schedule. And not three months into the year, 2023 has received its iteration of the off-road motorbike racer.

Simulating the AMA Supercross championship which travels the United States throughout the year, this game features all the bikes, riders and tracks from the 2022 season.

Looking at footage and screenshots, the game looks stunning. And it should do as it uses the Unreal Engine. The development team mentions a newly renovated gameplay system which blends realism and a rewarding experience. Although very much sounding like a marketing line, bike physics have always been a tricky element to nail in gaming, so it will be interesting to see how this game comes out.

That being said, bike set-up options do suggest this game will lean towards an experience based on simulation. In the case the gameplay style isn't to your liking however, there are supposedly plenty of driver aids to help you round each track.

What's in Monster Energy Supercross 6?​

Players can choose to experience the new title in a variety of different game modes. These include an in-depth tutorial dubbed Supercross Academy narrated by the so-called 'King of Supercross' Jeremy McGrath. This leads into the long career in which players rise the ranks through various bike classes. A large free roam map including a mountain, airport and fan area allows players to practice in various scenarios and have fun.

The game also incorporates a split-screen 'party mode' which the developers call Rhythm Attack. This sees large groups of friends go 1v1 on a straight, bumpy piece of track in an elimination-style competition. It's rare for modern games to feature split-screen multiplayer nowadays, so this neat feature certainly is a nice blast from the past.

Within the career, or free races both online and in single player, fans of the AMA Supercross series will recognise all the teams, riders and tracks they're used to seeing. Much like other official games, this title does its best to recreate the real-world championship it is based on. As for online racing itself, a ranking system will place riders against others of the same skill level and the whole thing works cross-platform.

How to get the game​

Monster Energy Motocross 6 released yesterday, Thursday, March 10. It is available on all current consoles as well as PC. This includes PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Steam. Fans of the series and those interested in the new motocross title can pick the game up now. It's available on pretty much every retail site imaginable for £60, $60 or 67€.

Will you be picking up Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Game 6?
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