Long time supporters of RaceDepartment, GT Omega Racing, have refreshed their Brand Store and are offering a 5% discount on all their products for RaceDepartment Premium members!

The award-winning provider of gaming chairs and simulation racing equipment from Scotland offers a selection of their products already for you to enjoy with new items being added shortly.

Visit the GT Omega Brand Store and if you are interested in benefitting from the 5% discount on all GT Omega cockpits, chairs and wheelstands make sure to upgrade your account here first.

We will of course add our GT Omega reviews and thoughts where possible but the beauty of the store is that users can leave reviews on the products too. We encourage anyone who owns the items listed in the GT Omega brand store to leave a review to help other members make purchase decisions.

The other thing to know about the RaceDepartment store is that we do make a small commission on sales if you buy your products by clicking the links in the product descriptions. So if you like what we do here at RaceDepartment and want to support our efforts then please consider buying your next piece of kit using the links in the RD Store.

For more information on why we introduced the RaceDepartment Store read this article - How RaceDepartment Makes Money