If you are just getting into sim racing it can be a bit of a minefield knowing where to start. I took a little peak on twitch recently to see a bunch of newcomers just starting out and struggling with the realistic physics in the latest sims. Our friend Ben Harrison from La Broca Sim Racing shows us a few good starting points .

In our latest content collaboration with Ben he aims to answer the "where to start?" question. It's tempting to jump into your favourite F1 car fro the 90s as soon as you buy your first sim and wheel but it rarely results in having fun as you invariably spend more time in the gravel than on track.

So how can you get racing and have fun without being in an underpowered bore fest? Well, take a look at Ben's video to see what he recommends. There are some of the OG classics in there like the MX5 in iRacing, but also a few that I hadn't considered before but on reflection are a great shout.

Here is my recommendation for people starting out. I recently discovered the Lotus Evora GTC in Assetto Corsa and not only is it a joy to drive but it handles really predictably. It's basically a glorified go kart.

What is your recommendation for people just starting out in sim racing? Which sim and which car? Let us know in the comments.