Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.7.12 Update Brings 2021 Liveries

Kunos Simulazioni has released an update to Assetto Corsa Competizione for PC, bringing us several improvements and hotfixes in addition to liveries for the 2021 GT World Challenge Europe race series.

Highlights of this update include a new steering wheel rotation meter in the HUD, tweaks and improvements in the menu screens, and minor fixes to select cars. Further, the update includes new liveries for not only the 2021 GTWCH EU series, but also bonus liveries for the BMW Sim Time Attack and Logitech McLaren G Challenge series.

There has been a lot of speculation in the sim racing community as to what future projects Kunos and the Assetto Corsa series may bring to us, but for now it appears at least some of the resources within the Italian game developer’s team are still dedicated to their existing titles. In case you missed it, check out our interview with Kunos Co-founder Marco Massarutto, in which he hints at the company’s priorities for current and future projects.

The update for ACC is the second newsworthy event this week for fans of the AC titles, following closely behind the release of a new official car for Assetto Corsa. The 2020 Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO became available for owners of Assetto Corsa who registered for the Ferrari ESports series.
We have listed the changelog below. Be sure to let us know your favourite 2021 livery for ACC in the comments below.


v1.7.12 changelog
– All 2021 GTWCH EU full-season liveries added as bonus content.
– Bonus livery for the “BMW Sim Time Attack” series.
– Bonus livery for the Logitech McLaren G Challenge.
– Option in menuSettings.json to change the preloading of cars in the UI:
“carsPreloadMode”: 0=always, 1=never, 2=auto (default)
“carsPreloadLimitMB”: used when carsPreloadMode=2 to compare it with available video memory (cars preload is disabled if video memory is lower than the value set here) (default = 5000)
Legacy behavior: “carsPreloadMode”: 0,
NOTE: this setting is to save memory on systems with very low video and system memory to prevent freezes on game launch.
– Revised View Settings menu with pages for groups and undo function.
– Mirror settings now exposed in the new View Settings menu.
– Revised Gear widget with separated fuel, gear and pedals sections – visibility setting added in HUD menu options
– Physical steering input now displayed in Pedals widget.
– Max framerate cap increased.
– Minor fix on Oulton Park track map.
– A fix to an inaccurate pit entry/on-track status at Oulton Park.
– Fixed erroneously high default brake bias value in Wet setup presets of the Porsche 991II GT3 R at IGT tracks.
– Porsche 991II aeromap adjustment to allow for slightly higher top speed.
Balancing tweaks for the following cars and track categories:
– Honda NSX GT3 at EU B
– Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo at EU D – further adjustments
– Bentley Continental GT3 at EU D
– Fixed backlight on British GT numberplates.

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Now I just need to wait for an ability to race against 2021 liveried cars in ACC, like we can with 2018/19/20 seasons. There is no reason not to do that for kunos since all the liveries are already in the game.
Yes, I don't even know which are 2020 and which are 2021 ... I only know a few examples like Iron Lynx Ferrari and BWT Mercedes
i very much appreciate those new liveries (they have been used in the endurance eSports events already anyway) and picking a 2021 livery is easy: spot the fanatec logo on the windscreen.
I hope there is a proper 2021 dlc being worked on, tracks and all, because then holding back the 2021 button at the top of the screen where you pick your car makes sense.
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We need some news about next dlc, i hope Kunos add more cars like GT2, Supra and Mustang GT4 or a dream come true like LMP2, i think there are more options if they choose GTWorld, like Lotus Evora GTC, Mustang GTC, or British 2020 with Ferrari 488 challenge. if they don´t share more cars i think Ams2 will overtake ACC, things could change if they add GTE and DPI/LMP, overtaking Ams2 and Rf2.
Hope some news are welcome
If there was new DLC it would been announced by now.

Kunos have covered the gt world challenge portion and that was part of the deal.

Asking for dpi and gt2 etc has nothing to do with license.

We have only Magny Cours and Valencia track missing to complete the full 2021 season lineup.

I am guessing at some point that will come and that would complete the game.
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Is there a workaround to use those official liveries assigned to my own name in a sp championship? Very odd not being able to do that.
Yes, I don't even know which are 2020 and which are 2021 ... I only know a few examples like Iron Lynx Ferrari and BWT Mercedes
From what I could figure out, the new liveries for the 2021 European season have Fanatec windshield banners since that is when Fanatec became the title sponsor
Never could get a feel for ACC. I've given it multiple tries, but I just can't seem to click with it. It looks very funny in VR, too (which is kind of funny, because I think AC translated so gracefully to VR).

Too bad, there is a lot to like about ACC and it seems like most people enjoy it.