505 Games Shares Bugfix Priorities for Gen 9 ACC

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505 Games has shared a post detailing which community reported issues will be addressed first in upcoming updates.

The recent update to Assetto Corsa Competizione that enabled features for owners playing on the latest generation of consoles has been generally well received, but there are a number of bugs that have been reported that the 505 and Kunos team plans to address.

A post shared by 505 Games informed players that the development and publishing teams behind ACC have been listening to their fans, and plans are already underway to release an update. Players had reported numerous bugs at release, ranging in severity from intro music carrying into menu screens to consistent game crashes.

The fixes that are currently prioritized include:
  • Wheel compatibility and performance
  • Making wheel triggers bindable (LT/RT and L2/R2)
  • Transferring stats and rankings earned before the update
  • Trophies/Achievements performance
  • Stabilizing private lobbies connections
  • Eliminating PlayStation in-game crashes
  • Reviewing lost game saves
Kunos has earned a reputation for addressing the most common issues with Assetto Corsa Competizione historically, so players should feel confident that the next few updates should clear up most or all of the major flaws with the title.

What has been your experience to date with the most recent update to Assetto Corsa Competizione on console? Let us know in the comments below.
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because they'll have to announce release dates months before release
masters have to go to disk production 1 to 2 months before release date
users start social wars when not getting it on announced dates.

BTW. Did you ever have to release a program with more than 1000 lines of code and got it out bugfree and before deadline ? ;)
.. BTW. Did you ever have to release a program with more than 1000 lines of code and got it out bugfree and before deadline ? ;)
Well, we are not talking about a one-man-band here.
I'm sure, that before release they did some beta testing, to ironing out the most nasty things in the code.
They are on the clock, and they know that.
I'm not defending sloppy programming by the team, nor unsufficient testing, but a patch or hotfix should be delivered pronto, within " two weeks ". With the obligatory: -We are sorry about this.
Don't play ACC or have a console, but IMO this is nothing but good news.

And why did they not fix these issues before release?

These bugfest-releases nowadays are a shame.

I think this is a misguided attitude. Any initial software release will have issues... to expect otherwise is unrealistic. BUT the dev team is recognizing there are issues, they're committing to fixing them, and they're transparently sharing their bugfixing priorities.

Other devs (cough cough Studio 397) could learn a thing or two from this! ;)
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... And where is the driver swap improvements? Surely they're not trying to ensure endurance racing goes smoothly for everyone, do they?
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