2021 Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix

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Which constructor will be on top after Hungary?

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Formula One is back in action this weekend, this time taking on the Hungaroring for the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Most of us have hardly caught our breath after an exciting and dramatic British Grand Prix, but Formula One is set to be back on track this weekend amidst a tight championship battle.

The infamous lap 1 collision at Silverstone took current drivers' championship leader Max Verstappen out of the race, and Lewis Hamilton was able to get the win and close the championship gap to just 8 points.

Near the front of the field, it’s been an impressive year for Verstappen and Red Bull, with their rivals in Hamilton and Mercedes struggling to keep pace on track. Behind the front runners, Lando Norris from McLaren has had a fantastic season to date, and he finds himself in third in the drivers' standings currently, ahead of both a Mercedes and a Red Bull driver.

The two Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are 6th and 7th in the standings, respectively. Mattia Binotto’s team finds themselves comfortably ahead of the McLaren of Daniel Ricciardo. Ricciardo’s performance this season has been disappointing for fans, given that his teammate has proven that the MCL35M is capable of contending for top 5 spots consistently.

In the mid pack, an interesting dynamic has emerged between the AlphaTauri, Alpine and Aston Martin drivers. The six combined cars occupy 9th through 14th in the drivers' standings with less than 30 points difference between those positions.

Looking at the constructor standings, Mercedes now sits just 4 points behind Red Bull after the double podium finish at Silverstone. A significant step back from the top two are McLaren and Ferrari, with 15 points separating them after Leclerc’s podium finish two weeks ago.

The Hungarian Grand Prix will also see the return of the standard qualifying format, with three practice sessions scheduled, followed by a qualifying session to determine the starting order of the race. The British Grand Prix was the first showcase of the F1 sprint qualifying format.

With the single-digit margins in both the driver and constructor championships entering this race, plus the off-track drama that has ensued since lap 1 incident at the British GP, this promises to be another exciting week for F1. Let us know below in the comments who you think will emerge victorious.
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Interesting one this, on the tight circuit. Ham went for a straight line speed setup at silverstone to try and get ahead of max and keep him behind. Interesting to see how they approach this. Could see something similar here with Max leading from the start and Ham trying to put on early DRS pressure.

Could be a good one for ferrari.

VER, HAM, LEC podium.
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Bram Hengeveld
  1. Bottas
  2. Norris
  3. Verstappen
This will be the podium I think. Hungaroring has been really good to Mercedes in the last 7 years.

I fear there will be so much stress on both Hamilton and Verstappen during the whole weekend and especially the first laps of the race that it will result in another crash.
Hamilton found himself in the same situation with Rosberg, so he should keep his cool whether he is in front or behind. On Verstappen's side he has no interest in getting too feisty if he's in front after quali; if he is not in pole, the temptation of a Suzuka-style payback will be there.
Yess but Max is not Rosberg and not in the same team as Lewis
Hope Max won't be a dumb$$$ and seek payback :cautious: Though that would be extremely stupid and costly for the team but I expect nothing more from the kid
The kid is in his 7th season and one of the fastest drivers on the grid and leader in the championship at the moment. A bit more respect would do you good and increase the chances of other racing fans appreciating your opinion.
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Respect, yes ok.
But Lewis is called 'mister mind games'.
Must be the Dutch variant of respect then...
since it is my text the man has lost all respect with me. he stands for respect with kneeling ... week after week ... but has no respect for others how funny is that. how selfish is that. But we'll see this weekend.
Race on "Hungaroring" will add new plots to the confrontation between "Red Bull" and "Mercedes"
since it is my text the man has lost all respect with me. he stands for respect with kneeling ... week after week ... but has no respect for others how funny is that. how selfish is that. But we'll see this weekend.

Then it's also ok if someone calls Max 'the kid', I guess.
Some have no respect for Max ;)
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Jan Larsen
Its an obvious Redbull track with Verstappen written all over it. Then Hamilton 2nd. 3rd, however, is a lot more open - I predict a surprise Ferrari as they've been quick on slow track before such as Monaco and Aserbadjan (or however you spell it).
But it all comes down to whoever finishes T1-2 in front. After that, the race is over.
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