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Yas Marina 2014 - Day & Night versions - Beta 0.35

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Good job. Just tell you that the intelligence of the cars stop at the first corner, using the night version. In case it helps you and can be corrected.
Thanks for sharing your work.
Tried a short race, but AI behaves strange. Most of them stops in first corner and after 4 laps everyone has left the race.
This could be a 4 stars MOD but there is a critical bug in the AI fastlane. The AI cars stop at the first left turn where the fastlane overlaps the underground pitlane.
Great track, it's especially nice having a night circuit in AC.

I took the McLaren 675lt Spyder around the Day circuit which You can watch here if You are interested: https://youtu.be/0sK_QfKId6o
Thanks. Sadly track is very much unfinished and atm i don't have much motivation to work with circuit tracks.
good, thx
good effort, keep it up
merci very good
First night racing I have found for Assetto Corsa. Great track from the F1 schedule!
Excellent stuff, this could turn into the best AC mod track. Donnington watch out...
Excellent, waiting for Singapore
Thanks for this night track. I've been waiting for a night race for awhile now......................................=)
Very good!

Thank you
nice track,thanks
bravo, really well done, this track is already successful, thank a lot for your work and congratulation.
5 Stars for the effort and the Christmas wishes!! This might be the very first night circuit of AC :-) Will be testing screen shots big time :-) Thanks
Great job, thank you!