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Williams FW35 2XHD 1.0

2XHD skin of williams FW35

  1. Rian Speed
    Hey folks how you doin there! I've missed you guys a lot through these days, didn't even have the chance to fire up f1 2012 this year... :cry: I'm glad to see you guys still keeping up amazing works here. ;)

    Anyways, here it is the FW35 in 2xHD. Worked entirely from scratch in crispy 8192 X 8192 resolution. Its not very updated - guess its the one from Malaysian/Chinese Grand Prix I don't remember well. I made the skin during that time. If i have any chance I'll release an update.

    Try it yourself! :D
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ayrton94
    Version: 1.0
    Cool !
  2. Ermac Scott
    Ermac Scott
    Version: 1.0
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