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VRC Williams FW19 - Arrows A18 Skinpack 1.0

Hill & Diniz

  1. Flipdo3
    I had this in my files for a long while, but have never uploaded any of my FW19 skins until today.
    I do not allow any aspects of my liveries to be taken and used in other works without permission. I also do not permit the redistribution of these liveries on other sites. (If you want to use something: Just ask!!)

    FYI: This is not 100% accurate. It was never made for release, so there are some problems.. e.g the front wing is not the most used layout of the front wings they had in 97. (white instead of blue) and I did not recreate logos I could not find, which is something I would normally do. However, I think someone could get some enjoyment from this.
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Recent Reviews

  1. darkelf1
    Version: 1.0
    very nice.......
  2. Gamedragon
    Version: 1.0
    Great....one of the most beautiful cars ever...