VRC Formula NA 1999 - Della Penna Motorsports CART '99 1.2

A Skin for VRC Formula NA 1999 - 4k and 2k

  1. CART '99 Della Penna Motorsports - The Louie update

    - Added Louie (or Frank) the Lizard (Big thanks to @NightEye87 and @AccAkut ) to the road version.
    - Lots of logo adjustments and changes. Oval and Road cars have some individual logos.

    Incase you still have the version with hash symbol in the folder name (you didn't download the folder name update), remove it before or after installing this version.
  2. VRC Formula NA 1999 - Della Penna Motorsports CART 1999 Folder name update

    Apparently using hash symbol (#) in skin folder names can cause problems when using official launcher from Kunos (thanks @chrisi2174 for the info). So removed the symbol from folder names.

    If you're like me and use Content Manager only this update is not necessary.
    You can also remove the symbols (#) yourself.

    If you download and install this update anyways remove the previous version.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. This should be the final version.
  3. VRC Formula NA 1999 - Della Penna Motorsports CART 1999 version 1.0

    - Added driver & crew helmets, driver & crew suits, driver gloves, crew board (or whatever that thing is called) and custom lollipop.

    - Added Budweiser logo to the underside of the rear wing.

    Helmet is not good enough for close up screenshots but does the job on the track.
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