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VLM GTPC conversion Physics Teaser

VLM GTPC conversion Physics Teaser V2

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This is a first teaser for the new physics i am developing for these early group C cars.

In my humble opinion, Bias Ply tires haven't been that well understood or represented in cars with high downforce in simulators or mods. My continued work in for International sim racing organization and their mods on classic cars has been focused on finally bringing these highly anticipated road warriors of yesteryear to the virtual landscape, avoiding the typical "if it has tons of downforce, it must be glued to the track" mentality, using real data and real numbers to produce real results. Get ready for the best porsche group C car in the world of simracing!

The 956 doesn't have a turbo model yet, but its handling characteristics are final, and you can bask in all the ground efect bias ply tire glory!

Latest updates

  1. Niels physics vs Wilks physics fix

    Aparently Niels was using my engine, so i corrected that.
  2. Niels physics vs Wilks physics

    I implemented the turbo model, and uploaded Niels's physics that he used in his stream, for a...

Latest reviews

Nice effort for the scale of the mod but I don't think it does ams justice in the visuals over the rfactor version.
The car is really fun to drive, but after extracting all the files I get quite a few empy classes on my game, as this image shows https://i.imgur.com/hNk9xQr.jpg
I'm a believer that users shouldn't need to fiddle with files to get things working properly, so I'm here asking the author if there's a possible fix on his end regarding this issue.
Please do the Lancia LC2. The early one (83-84 with the small headlights). That's all I ask. I remember seeing it go up against hordes of 962's throughout the 80's. It would usually grab pole and then explode after a few laps in the race. No matter: It's still the most beautiful classic Group C car ever made. I've always wanted to drive it.
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
It will come, together with the full package soon :)
I tried the update "Niels physics vs Wilks physics fix" and found a big problem: Niels physics gets overheating very easily. I tried to edit the related engine.ini to reduce those heating rates, but problems are still there. Could you fix it?
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
Just turn damage off.
A lot of grip. The original car physics is better.
Richard Wilks
Richard Wilks
What original car? The only thing that's changed in my version is the turbo physics that were implemented. The car still achieves realistic laptimes and top speeds.
Is wonderlful drive this car, and hard. Thanks
Cant wait for the whole thing to be done. will be donating to the go fund me, once i get my next pay check! I enjoyed the physics that you have for the mod.. Niels version not so much..

Bravo, bravo ....
Great teaser
Absolutely awesome. Great physics and great driving experience!
Great project mate, this is a master piece i just love those physics , it is very realistic and the sound is just great. Welldone and thanks for sharing ! :)
Great car ....need more group C cars ..... thanks
I don't now how I missed this previously. Has great potential. Thank you for sharing.
You're clearly onto something. I was looking forward to someone converting this mod since I think Historical proto racing would have been a great addition to AMS.
You start on a good note. My only remark is about gear shifting. Does it have to be that conservative? This is a 80's car. Was h-pattern racing gearboxes this slow to operate?
Really looking forward to the RC version. :) Thanks for your work.
Wonderful feel!
Great Job!
would be great if you could get in touch with Niels Heusinkveld: he worked on the physics and mentioned that he would share it with you! (https://youtu.be/4P2GX941oPA?t=59m32s)
nice! can't wait for the whole thing. in case anyone else is interested there is a go fund me for this; https://www.gofundme.com/vlm-gtpc-ams-convertion
great job man!
Fantastic!! Thanks so much.
Richard Wilks
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