Vita4One Racing #66 1.0

BMW Z4 GT3 skin of Vita4One Racing #66 in 4k 32bit

  1. Cravis
    High resolution (4k) skin for the BMW Z4 GT3 of the Vita4One Racing #66 during the BlancPain Endurance Series 2012 as seen during the 3h of the Nürburgring driven by Mathias Lauda, Gregory Franchi and Frank Kechele.

    One minor aesthetic change on purpose:

    The start people logos on the rear skirt and both fenders are symmetrical. On the real one they were asymmetrical during the Nürburgring event.

    Open Item list:

    - Rear Wing: Not paintable, tiled texture
    - Rear Wing Winglets: Both winglets mapped from one loaction, mirror issue
    - Front Wing: Not paintable, tiled texture
    - Front Grid: Not paintable, tiled texture
    - Quick Release Latches: Not paintable induvidually
    - Window Banners: Unclear status, texture appears to be tiled

    Known issues:

    -Needs longer to load and requires more VRAM (duh...)



    Change Log:

    Initial Release

    - Included custom preview in Kunos style
    - Added generic driver suit by Kunos
    - Repacked for use with JSGME
    - New livery image