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Virtua Simulazioni - Ferrari F1 Concept 1.01

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Virtua Simulazioni is bringing you yet another piece, welcome to the Ferrari F1 Concept.
After a long story of trial and achievement this car has been finalized through the hands of
me and the rest of the team to bring you the ultimate taste of future.

In months of work, this car has been created as a 'Concept of a concept', inspired by the Concept designs from Ferrari.
An exact reproduction was never the goal. You'll find out our own creative ideas as we attempted to recreate
the ultimate experience of a future Formula 1 race. Driven through the hands of current
Ferrari F1 drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen we are convinced
you will not be disappointed.

Try the art in your own hands through
Get our Competition Skin pack here.
For the skins template, click here.
To customize your Ferrari F1 Concept click here.

The site is incomplete, it lacks the MediaFire links, here they are:
Ferrari F1 Concept Car
Ferrari F1 Concept customizations
Skins template

Drop content folder into your main Assetto Corsa installation normally located
at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa


If you like our work, consider the possibility to

Competition Skin Pack | Click Image Below

Yoshi edition | Click here

Special thanks to @btk150 from AC's forum for the BMW skin, Tim Holmes for the McLaren Concept design and @Warlock from AC's forum for his invaluable indirect help​
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Latest reviews

Amazing design, looks good and handles well. The only problem is I have no Sound? only works when i'm in cockpit. Does anyone know how t fix it thanks.
fun mod, good quality, thanks.-
Gracias y gran trabajo ¡¡¡¡¡
I have no Sound :( only when I switch to the head camera
tires too slipery
Great car in a dire need of an update!
Damn that is so sexy! Hopefully still works :)
one of the best AC mods judging by presentation and visual aspect (that pdf!)
guys are you going update tire model to newest V10?
car deserve it!
grazie :)
Amazing car to drive, great mod
Amazing model, great design. I love the rpm lights in the cockpit :D noticed one problem with physics though. I was able to lift the car in the air (default setup) and do crazy flips on a first bump on a straight at Nürburgring. I guess that should not happen ;)
Amazing, the concept car is so cool, thx a lot for this awesome mod car.
This is what modding is all about : creativity - innovation - inspiration - exploring new levels without neglecting the physical reality - dreaming - the awesomeness and potential of car modding all in just one car. LOVE for this mod!!
I can not thank you enough for this and my greatest respects to you guys.
yes, it feels amazing too

Top top job. Full review there for you guys, my only critique in terms of drivability was the natural tendency to high speed understeer, but that was easily dialed out. mph/kmh on the display is the only bug I found, and my word the sound!
i think this is unbelievable. An incredible design, an amazing physic for a stunning feeling with the car. Even the display switch is genial, and i think will be really usefull since now on.
Just a little question: i see that the car have an onboard turbo switch, but i cannot find the right button. I'm sure it's somewhere, because during a session i'd have accidentally pushed something on my keyboard and suddenly my car was quite slow, with lack of power. Could you tell me which is the right button so that i can map it on my custom wheel?
Thanks allot and keep working!
( have you thinked about a kind of Formula future mod, with differents models and physics???? )
It is just AWESOME! Great work, Thanks a lot
Best concept car ever created !! , Every single game needs this car , a total apex killer gave me goose pimples driving it most immersive experience possible fictional or not , drive my setup , in cockpit with that sick rear view , jesus !! only car for me , heheh WTF more power more grip like yesterday !! OhFY!
Fine piece of art. Also comes with a gorgeous presentation along with customization options. Virtual Simulazoini deserves to be DLC content via Steam. Period.
Decent mod, would get 2 more stars if you could change the turbo boost on the wheel, pretty hard to race it on 100% boost all the time... but fun anyway :)
Hi. Some external programs let you map keyboard keys onto your wheel. Ask other possersors of your wheel for more infos.
Excellent piece of Art, Thanks!!!
WOW Gg! Link to Competition pack is broken
Works fine here, be sure to click on "Download with your browser". Let me know if it still doesn't work
Driving this at Paul Ricard or Magione makes a whole lot of sense.
Impressive, high quality mod.
Absolutely fantastic. So much fun to drive.