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Very basic Config for Wipers 0.8

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As my other files does, Don't overwrite file if already exist

Just Copy and Paste Lines into exist ini file, or replace it.
(I can't tell you precisely because of my English Skills)

It just very basic ini for which car already have

animation of wiper and compatible windshield

but not working properly.

Not the furthermore.

Sample :

210311그림 01.jpg

210311그림 02.jpg

210313그림 01.jpg

210313그림 02.jpg

List of car :

a3dr_veloce_gts | Veloce GTS-8 | Alberto Daniel Russo (1.0)

alfa_romeo_giulietta_qv | Giulietta QV | Kunos

alfa_romeo_giulietta_qv_le | Giulietta QV Launch Edition 2014 | Kunos

bentley_continental_gt3 | Bentley Continental GT3 | updated by *********** & delpinsky V1.1

bk_ford_ranger_raptor_2019 | Ford Ranger Raptor | Bruce Kelt (Brucektrain) (v1.0)

bk_subaru_brz_sti_concept | Subaru BRZ STi Concept

bmw_635_csi_group_a | BMW 635 CSi Group A | Legion (20200523)

bmw_z4_gt3 | BMW Z4 GT3 | Kunos

chivas_hsv010gt_gt5002013 | Honda HSV-010GT GT500 Type A | Chivas AutoArt (v0.5 BETA)

chivas_hsv010gt_gt5002013_r1 | Honda HSV-010GT GT500 Type B | Chivas AutoArt (v0.5 BETA)

chivas_hsv010gt_gt5002013_r2 | Honda HSV-010GT GT500 Type C | Chivas AutoArt (v0.5 BETA)

chivas_lexsc430gt500_2013 | Lexus SC430 GT500 2013 Type A | Chivas AutoArt (v0.04 ALPHA)

chivas_lexsc430gt500_2013_r1 | Lexus SC430 GT500 2013 Type B | Chivas AutoArt (v0.04 ALPHA)

chivas_lexsc430gt500_2013_r2 | Lexus SC430 GT500 2013 Type C | Chivas AutoArt (v0.04 ALPHA)

chivas_nissan_r3508_gt500_2013 | Nissan GT-R GT500 2013 TYPE A | Chivas AutoArt (v0.5 BETA)

chivas_nissan_r3508_gt500_2013_r1 | Nissan GT-R GT500 2013 TYPE B | Chivas AutoArt (v0.5 BETA)

crsh_porsche_911_gt3_r_2019_endurance | Porsche 911 GT3 R 2019 (991.2) Endurance | Kunos/crash (1.0)

crsh_porsche_911_gt3_r_2019_sprint | Porsche 911 GT3 R 2019 (991.2) Sprint | Kunos/crash (1.0)

ferrari_458 | Ferrari 458 Italia | Kunos

ferrari_458_s3 | Ferrari 458 Italia Stage 3 | Kunos

ford_capri_mk3_race | Ford Capri Mk3 | Velo 1.0

ford_escort_mk2 | Ford Escort Mark II | Sovers (0.3)

ford_escort_mk2_gr4 | Ford Escort Mark II Group 4 spec | Sovers (0.3)

ford_escort_mk2_s1 | Ford Escort Mark II S1 | Sovers (0.3)

ford_transit | Ford Transit | Gary Paterson (1.0)

ginetta_gt4_lhd | Ginetta GT4 LHD | Shaun Clarke (2.0)

ginetta_gt4_rhd | Ginetta GT4 RHD | Shaun Clarke (2.0)

ginetta_supercup_lhd | Ginetta G55 SuperCup LHD | Shaun Clarke (2.0)

ginetta_supercup_rhd | Ginetta G55 SuperCup RHD | Shaun Clarke (2.0)

honda_crz | Honda CR-Z | original model : Turn 10

HSV-010GT | HONDA HSV-010GT GT500 | natsuki/teamB.B (V1.0)

ks_alfa_mito_qv | Alfa Romeo Mito QV | Kunos

ks_audi_sport_quattro | Audi Sport quattro | Kunos

ks_audi_sport_quattro_s1 | Audi Sport quattro Step1 | Kunos

ks_audi_tt_cup | Audi TT Cup | Kunos (R2R)

ks_mercedes_190_evo2 | Mercedes-Benz 190E EVO II | Kunos (D1)

ks_porsche_718_spyder_rs | Porsche 718 RS 60 Spyder | Kunos (P2)

lexus_rcf_gt3_acc | Lexus RC F GT3 ACC | ELEMENT1999 (1.6)

lexus_rcf_gt3_acc_sprint | Lexus RC F GT3 ACC SPRINT | ELEMENT1999 (1.6)

mclaren_720_gt3_acc | McLaren 720S GT3 | whistleblower39

nissan_r33gtr_lm_1.4 | Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R LM | JeezyCreezy (1.4)

S1600_Peugeot_206 | S1600 Peugeot 206 | Rally S1600 by GR.TEAM 1.0

tc_legends_alfa_gta | TCL Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA | KS, Steven Stirpe, Adalexis, DrDoomslab, Bazza

tc_legends_triumph_dolomite | Triumph Dolomite Sprint | Reworked by Beezer (1.0)

zakspeed_capri_turbo_gr5_div2 | Zakspeed Capri Turbo DRM 1980 Div 2 | updated by Velo 02-05-2018

zakspeed_escort_turbo_gr5 | Zakspeed Escort MKII RS Turbo DRM Div II
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Very good fix. Thank you

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