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Veloce GTS-8 Skin Template 2016-04-11

Veloce GTS-8 Skin Template

  1. smallblockhero
    Veloce GTS-8 Skin Template with white and black wire frames. a shadow layer and a few basic items such as roundels.

    Note: make a new skin folder for each skin as the car only comes with one. Make sure you save the texture as a .dds , and name the skin as " Skin_00 " in the folder to override the original.

    thank you to A3DR and his team. ~ smallblockhero


    1. Capture.JPG
    2. Showroom_veloce_gts_11-3-2016-3-26-11.jpg
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  1. betometal
    Version: 2016-04-11
    thanks man
  2. TheStratGuy
    Version: 2016-04-11