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Vanport 2.2

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Patrick Giranthon
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5.00 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Some road texture changes

    Enjoy! PS : still the weird triangles in some places but not a major issue
  2. New skies and atmophere according to GSCEx V1.20

  3. Tdf corection to GSCEx standards

    You can overwrite the previous version

Latest reviews

Now with the correction, deserves 5 stars!
Thank you for your time to have our joy.
Very good. Thank You
Problems with version 1.21 (Sky). If corrected, deserves 5 stars.
Patrick Giranthon
Updated to GSC1.20 standards the 17th of August
Fantastic!! Great track addon and the update matches perfectly with the GSC Extreme.
Love it! The track is exactly 2 miles from my hose! Been racing motocross there for 30yrs....and never had the pleasure of actually driving on the road course....until now! Thank you sooo much!
great work!
Thanks, always enjoyed Vanport. This is a fantastic representation !
Great work on this awesome track, looks and drives fantastic.
Love this track! Thanks amillion for the updates :)
Awesome Patrick. Thanks for this upgrade! This track rocks.