URD Skin Pack for Enurance Series - Proof of Concept v2

Version 2

  1. Crivitz Chris
    Due to the size, (almost 800mb), I had to upload it to mediafire. Hope I am doing this correctly. If not, moderators, please let me know :) Please use this link and not the one to the left as the RD download is v1 with LM2015 only


    This should be extracted to the UserData\Player\Settings folder

    Special thanks to Empty Box for the test:

    This is more of a proof of concept instead of an actual mod and skin set. This is a way to show that you can add a custom class within the virtual ride system of rF2 (a BIG thank you to Gysbers). In this particular case, it is to add URD cars to the EnduSeries mod. This will add approximately 150 various skins. Before installing, please back up your Userdata\Player\Settings\URD_* folders as some of these skins may over ride existing skins.

    You will need to have the URD EGT and PX mods installed.

    A big thank you to all of the original artists

    LM2015 Skins from here (just renamed the files)

    Other artists who have approved their work and will be coming soon
    Graham Botha
    If I have missed you please let me know an I will add you!

    Some issues:

    - THe ES Astons are a lot quicker than the URD GT cars. The Orecas and ES P2 cars seem very comparable
    - SMP BR01 is the Graham Botha's Oreca skin.
    - By Kolles is on a Rebellion
    - As URD will probably not make the 2015 low downforce Audi, I added the LM decals to #UD# WEC skin

    Please enjoy and let me know on how I can make improvements :)
    20161030142121_1.jpg 20161101200920_1.jpg 20161101201026_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. dreamer al
    dreamer al
    Version: v2
    Great skins. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Travis
    Version: v2
    A fantastic collections of skins that really brings the URD mods to life. A huge thanks to the author and the artists!
  3. Ronaldoz
    Version: v2
    Love it! I hope all cars will have skins in a while. Thanks a lot for the skins tho!!
  4. Phogbound
    Version: v2
    seems great but I have no clue how to use this mod....I have all the URD resources.....HELP!
  5. Matt Orr
    Matt Orr
    Version: v2
    Fantastic package, now hopefully either Enduracers or URD adjust their cars to be better balanced so sports car racing from the past few years is well and truly covered.
  6. Rija Jeannoda
    Rija Jeannoda
    Version: 1
    Nice job ! Great work ! Thank you !
  7. Gamer1963
    Version: 1
    Very nice, thank you.
  8. Mircea Rad
    Mircea Rad
    Version: 1
    This is something I've been looking for for a long while. Thanks!
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