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Ultimate Driver Specific HQ Livery 1.3

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This updates enables the use of highLOD for tyre and chassis geo, further it gives the option to load high textures instead of low.

This mod can now replace vlasovas' High LOD Improvements mod, which could not load highLOD for DLC cars (only for their tyres).

The mod contains three folders:
1 - Normal Driver Specific Livery (like in v 1.2)
2 - Driver Specific Livery with High Quality Tyre and Chassis Geo
3 - Driver Specific Livery with High Quality Tyre, Chassis and Liveries

Make your choice (I recommend #3 only for people with good PCs) and read the readme.

Credits for carlodsettings.xml go to @vlasovas

Tyre and Chassis Geo before:

Tyre and Chassis Geo after:


Chassis and Livery Quality before (far)

Chassis and Livery Quality after (far)
With this update it is now possible to use modded liveries for 90's DLC pack (as two already exist).
Everything else stays the same (regarding the file structure)

Here's the fixed file, I accidently uploaded experimental version before with changed tyre LODs (which works only with some pssg replacements)

Mea culpa, I can currently only use the left hand, so must've moved the wrong file into the zip.