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Ultimate Car Pack 2014-12-10

Drive F1 cars from previous games and generations! *legal copies only

  1. Will Barnes
    Ever wanted to drive cars from previous F1 games? Well now you can!

    Drive cars from F1 2011, 2012 AND 2013 in this new car pack!

    Included in SP1:
    1. McLaren 2013
    2. Classic 1976 Ferrari (F1 2013 Game)
    Coming soon:
    • 2012 HRT (To replace Caterham)
    • Safety car to replace Force India? :) OR 2012 Force India
    • 2012 Sauber
    • 2011 RB7
    Any other suggestions are welcome :)


    Extract fe2 and mc2 folders to F1 2014, cars


    1. 2014-12-07_00002.jpg
    2. 2014-12-07_00004.jpg
    3. 2014-12-07_00005.jpg
    4. 2014-12-07_00013.jpg
    5. 2014-12-07_00017.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. DAL1189
    Version: 2014-12-10
    Can you add some 2010 Cars? I really liked the Shark Fin F-Duct Engine Covers. Maybe the 2010 Virgin or 2010 Mclaren
  2. oliverhu
    Version: 2014-12-10
    This is AWESOME!!! So much more fun with f1 2013 cars
  3. Diego Cezar
    Diego Cezar
    Version: 2014-12-10
    Amazing mod
  4. goalpang
    Version: 2014-12-10
    Safety Car to replace Force India :)
    Can you make the HRT 2011?
    1. Will Barnes
      Author's Response
      Of course :D
  5. cr7r9
    Version: 2014-12-10
    great job for what can be done but I ask one thing: can you make models for the 2005 grid? it would be a dream to drive those beasts :)
  6. Francisco Vazquez
    Francisco Vazquez
    Version: 2014-12-10
    The steering wheel of Ferrari, you can modify? But just don't care, IS PERFECT! REALLY GOOD JOB MATE! *-*
  7. Mattxy1
    Version: 2014-12-10
    safety car to replace force india.i would seriously love to drive that :)
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