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Tiametmarduk Ferrari 1.0

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McGregor Kereama
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This is great. I just have one problem with people using my work. I'm the one who made the profile pic (you may ask him if BLGamersAddict made it). Anyway I love this mod, just next time ask please :)
McGregor Kereama
McGregor Kereama
What the "T" on the gloves? Why does that matter... I had no idea you made Tiametmarduk's logo, I could not possibly ask if I didn't realize anyone other then Ben made it.
Very Nice use of logos mate. I like that its subtle and not too overboard. Thanks!
McGregor Kereama
McGregor Kereama
Yeah cheers dude.. That was the point, when its overboard it isn't realistic..
Maybe change the Ups logo to his trademark T (his profile pic) also give a small bit of credit to me for giving you the idea. Other than that great. Also my Aarava Williams will be posted shortly.
McGregor Kereama
McGregor Kereama
Yeah sure dude.. I didn't want to go overboard with the logos. They're very subtle, and if you look closely then they're quite abundant.
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