Telemetry Application 2.2

Analyse telemetry data from F1 201x games

  1. New version with automatic track detection and better fuel usage data

    Iko Rein

    Now I have played bit more with the F1 2013 datafeed with extradata="2". and extradata="3" values in hardware_settings_config.xml.

    Based on this, in the new version there are:
    • Automatic track detection (all tracks including Classic). I found this really handy e.g. in short online races, as the tool automatically changes tracks, so you can just stay in the game all the time.
    • Fuel usage/excess fuel left for race (+ FP & Q). For race (online and offline) it shows in 'Race Info' the amount of fuel left + excess fuel. This makes is really easy + fun to optimize the fuel usage during the race. Yesterday when I was just supposed to test it quickly, I ended up racing from 10pm to 3 am.
    • Also in 'Race Info' as requested I added autoscroll for laptimes and "Theoretical all-time best", which are kept across sessions. These can be toggled.
    If you are updating from 1.x or 2.x, just unzip the package and replace Telemetry.jar in your Telemetry Application install dir.

    If you are doing a new installation, please read the ReadMe.txt in the .zip for detailed installation instructions.

    I consider this as the final version for F1 2013, unless there are some really serious bugs/issues or if I can come up with some new functionality.

    Again, I hope you enjoy this, I do.

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