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Telefonica Movistar Skin Abarth 500 1.1

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Hi everyone, this is my first skin I upload to this page, I hope you like it! In the folder there is a preview, in my PC doesn´t work, could you tell me if the preview of the car works inside the game on your PC? Thanks!

If the preview doesn´t work and you can solve it, please tell me in a comment!
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Latest updates

  1. Now with all previews inside the game

    Hi everyone, this is the final version of my skin, I hope you like it!

Latest reviews

Good first project, not enough skins made for this car. You might want to add number badges later to make a race skin out of it :) Welcome to livery making!
thanks! Can you see the preview of the car inside the game?? I don´t know why the preview doesn´t work in my PC...
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