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Team Lion Truck Racing 2015 v1.1

Skin of the french Lion Truck Racing Team 2015

  1. Actros1846
    Skin of the "Lion Truck Racing" Team 2015 for FTruck2013, v1.1

    #8 - Driver Anthony Janiec / France

    Some logos are in different positions, specially on the back of the cabin and side skirts because the Livery is different to the original Trucks.

    As i start to paint these Trucks it was not my target to make them public.

    No upload or conversation without my permission.

    To install, just extract it under your FTruck2013\Gamedata\Vehicles\FTruck2013\VW_Teams directory.

    Constructive criticism is always welcome.


    1. AnthonyJaniec-2.jpg
    2. AnthonyJaniec.jpg
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