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RaceDepartment eSports (LIVE)

Team LARK Mclaren 01

Mclaren F1 Gtr skin

  1. Phil Suter
    This is a repaint I have done of the Assetto Corsa Mclaren F1 Gtr Template, the colours are the Team LARK Mclaren 1995-1996


    1. 01.jpg
    2. 02.jpg
    3. 03.jpg
    4. 04.jpg
    5. 05.jpg
    6. 06.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. GeoffreyPrice
    Version: 01
    Looks great! Thank you for making this as I find it has a more accurate color compared to the other skin on RD
  2. SinysterPlague
    Version: 01
    1. Phil Suter
      Author's Response
      Thank's a lot
  3. Fanapryde
    Version: 01
    Very well done. The McLaren was in urgent need of some extra liveries ;-)
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