Team D2 Mercedes 1.0

Inspired by an Assetto Corsa skin.

  1. airutonpurosuto8912
    Inspired by an Assetto Corsa skin :p, as the tag line says :D
    Here is the original skin which this skin inspired me:

    Extract the me2 folder into F1 2014/cars folder. Always backup your files.

    Screenshots (please note that they are also seen in the "Ayrton Senna & Alain Prost Helmet 1989" resource)
    F1_2014 2014-10-31 21-25-35-09.jpg F1_2014 2014-10-31 21-25-46-01.jpg F1_2014 2014-10-31 21-32-30-17.jpg F1_2014 2014-10-31 21-32-38-51.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Smtung
    Version: 1.0
    Too underrated.
    1. airutonpurosuto8912
      Author's Response
      Third fail.
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