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Targa Florio '73 pre alpha

Targa Florio '73 pre alpha 0.0.6

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but please do share a link to this page, or my page.
Thank you!

Targa Florio is a historic racing events that took place in Sicily, Italy.
This is the Circuito Piccolo delle Madonie that was 72km long with more than 800 corners each lap. Covering vast landscapes and passing through 3 towns, it's a race like no other.
the lap record was set by Leo Kinnunen in 1970 in the Porsche 908/3 with 33 min 36 seconds (as the wikipedia says lol)

This is a new version of Targa FLorio built from scratch, based on GPS data and cross reference to 1988 satellite imagery from italian goverment.

The altitude was determined from topographic map with reference to the terrain model.

Details of elevation changes was then added from onboard cameras and google street view.

as this is the pre-alpha version, Everything is subject to change!
  • the track already have high res physical mesh with basic bumps. as an old public road, I made the bumps with the nordschleife as reference.
  • 7 layouts, including the full circuit, shorter parts split into 5 stages (useful for practice and testing), and full circuit reverse.
  • 30 pitboxes for full circuit layout and reverse, 8 pitboxes for stages.
  • grid position is 50 meters apart to create a gap between cars. Targa FLorio was using time attack format, with 15 seconds gap between car release. with average speed of 120kph or 33m/s, 15 seconds gap is 495 meter. that would make the 30th on the grid starting 14 kilometers from the start line!
  • no ai line yet. I'm not confident enough to drive a perfect lap around the circuit right now, even if I drive slowly!
  • no cameras yet
  • There is invisible wall approximately 6 meters outside the road as temporary physical boundary. it will be adjusted later as necessary
  • all the buildings currently still simple boxes
  • all the textures are still temporary. one type of grass, few variants of stones, etc. I will get into texture details after the main model are done.
  • no trees yet. there are still landscape works need to be done first.
  • railguards are temporary. only one type of railguards, and I put it where the present day placement would be. There should be less railguards back in the 70s. but that being said, even in present day there are few dangerous spots with no railguards, so watch those cliffs!
  • no map yet

known issues:
  • abarth 595 and ae86 shaking violenty on this track when standing still, even without road bumps. Possibly related to AC's track limit?

Originally, I wanted to stay quiet until this project is finished or at least near completion. I wanted to make it a surprise :p.
unfortunately this took longer than I expected. not only because this track is huge with so many details, but I have so little time to work on it. much less than I wanted to. and it got me so frustrated sometimes.

But I will finish it. don't worry about the project being abandoned, worry about my sanity instead :D. I am determined (or even obsessed) to see this track finished, I even see it in my dreams. and of course, the finished version of the track will be released for free.

So in the end, it's all a matter of time. If you wished to help with the progress, please check out my patreon page and see what I can offer you. or if you simply want to buy me a beer, I'd be glad to have a round of two. but most important of all, I hope you enjoy the track as much as I do!

Thanks to:
Sergioloro who gave valuable information regarding targa florio and pointed me to the right direction.
Uff and Koke who tested the pre-alpha.
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Latest updates

  1. pre-alpha build 0.0.6

    adding 3d buildings on Cerda (WIP)
  2. [update] Targa Florio '73 pre alpha

    Change log v.0.0.2: added temporary trees. as this is the pre-alpha version, Everything...

Latest reviews

Very high quality for what is there so far.
Una mappa enorme. La versione 0.0.6 è un po acerba soprattutto per il paesaggio. Ho scoperto che aiutando economicamente l'autore è possibile avere le versioni più aggiornate
bella,farai altre tracciati della sicilia?
Hey just an FYI for people reading reviews, the targo is really at 0.0.17 for Patrons so if you join patron you will get access to more recent versions of the Targa, $1 will get you the updates, but $5 or more start giving really cool rewards, like your name painted on the track or a building. or even your face as a spectator. Look into this because version 0.0.6 is like 11 updates old. Your support helps this guy alot. this track is a full time job with how big it is. im a Patron and i dont regret it since he gives weekly updates and is very very involved with his patrons. Consider pledging! it's a win win situation.
This track is definitely a work in progress but the scale and detail is immense. I just did my first lap at a blistering fast 46 minutes and way too many crashes.
I love it, looking forward to seeing more done with it in the future.
Maybe you should let a few people help on some of the minor details? Building, trees, barriers etc.
How likely is it that we will see conversion for rF2 in the future? I would be even more excited...
but if you use the last sector, remove the blocks from the traguado, the chronometer starts from the start and not the pits. Maybe starting the car much further than from Campofelice di Roccella.
but real boxes are not in the pit line
Thanks man , this gives me hope to build the silver state challenge 100 miles across the Nevada desert. What I really want is a simulated cannon ball run. Redball garage to Portofino Inn. But i don't think 2800 miles is possible in this engine.
Thanks dude
This WIP is absolutely fantastic! Continue with the beautiful work for which I consider you a great programmer. I wish you a great and deserved success. Thank you very much.
So good. I can't wait for the towns to be sorted.

Just did a 37:32 in the ACL Pantera. I had 5 or 6 kisses of the barriers and 2 or 3 fatal crashes. ;)

Thanks so much for all your work.
Very good job. Please, continue!!
Honestly, I was expecting a bit more than a road with no public, with some houses that look like concrete blocks, no signs, or trees, I know that many will criticize me but I don't find the usefulness of publishing something so bare, a nice attempt but I waited for something more concrete for the hands.
for info : In CManager the version who appairs is pre-alpha 004
Word s can do no justice ,Thank you for all of this
Just wow. What a drive! 46min for a first lap in my little Seven 1700, from dawn till dusk. Yes it's early, but definitely more than "0.0.2" ! You too modest ;) Or... i have no idea at what level of detail you will port this! Really bravo for your work so far, keep going ! This will be a very unique experience to AC.
Bonus gif : http://benobro.org/sub/7targa.gif
Track looks fantastic, I’m so glad to find it, amazing!
Looking super good already...this is going to be epic..good luck
Fantastic work! Looking forward to the finished track. Not sure if I will ever learn such a tremendous track ;)
Wow this is insane. I was surprised to see that it's already pretty advanced for an alpha! Tough narrow roads and great landscapes. It will be majestic. Congratulations!
It's like I'm driving
Thank you for your kind job.
It's a beautiful flowing country side drive.
Simply amazing what you did with this.
Lo ritengo un buon lavoro