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SuperV8 FG Ford - 2012 Norton 1.0

a FG Ford SuperV8 Skin of the 2012 Norton Livery

  1. Rob Fitness
    could not get it to a point I was happy with. some of black on panels just don't look the same no matter what I did to alpha layers.

    internal windows done, used higher resolution for body and windows

    could not get the decals onto the centre pillar as the template is not setup to take them properly.

    its passable I guess

    the helmet and suit is a Reiza item

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Recent Reviews

  1. Xlavieja
    Version: 1.0
    I put the skin folder within gsc2013 / gamedata / vehicles / superv8 / superv8teams does not work me
    1. Rob Fitness
      Author's Response
      hi there. 95% on my skins were done prior to the current version... the last update changed the class of the vehicle, so you will need to manually change the class to the new one, if you don't know how too, let me know and I will help you. I am in the middle of new SSD installs though, let me know if you get it sort or not.
  2. dmx1
    Version: 1.0
    Great stuff. Especially appreciate your commitment to realism.
  3. Adrian Subiela
    Adrian Subiela
    Version: 1.0
    awesome work
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