Super GT 2021: LM Corsa #60 | Toyota GR Supra GT300 | 4k

Super GT 2021: LM Corsa #60 | Toyota GR Supra GT300 | 4k 2022-08-09

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While we wait for an actual GT300 Supra mod, I present you a GT300 wannabe:

LM Corsa #60 driven by H. Yoshimoto, S. Kohno

Required car:
I've been looking for a Super GT Supra for months now, and when I started to gave up, I stumbled across this Korean eSports Stock car mod. Really good, nice model, animations, and to my biggest surprise, it has GT3 specifications (tested on rt_suzuka against other GT3 cars, 2 laps)

More pictures:



As this mod is based on the GR Supra Super GT concept, it's not 1:1 to the GT300 car. There are a lot of compromises on the skin, maybe it's just worth a grid-filler.

  • The rear looks really blank, I know. But I had no idea how to translate the decals from the real deal to look accurate but also good.
  • WARNING! Some intakes are just textures I made to resemble the real GT300 Supra, you've been warned :roflmao:
Just drop the content of the .zip file into: "X:"\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\ Folder or drag it into Content Manager!

I hope you still like it! :)

Credits: FCMod, TheNuvolari

Latest updates

  1. 1.1 - Proper yellow headlights

    Headlights are actually yellow now (tried to get as close to the tint of the real car as...
  2. 1.01

    Sorry, accidental double post. This is the legit link! :D
  3. 1.01: Added proper AO

    Skin doesn't look so bright and plastic-like now, let me know if it's better guys!

Latest reviews

Hi, I really love this mod so far and your skin. I am artistically challenged so all I can do is ask, will you ever make a Gazoo Racing skin for this car?
Hi MrWaflz! It's based on the Super GT concept so it should fit on this car almost perfectly. I might do it but I want to take a few days off of skinning because a "27 monitor is arriving soon! :)
Best brz for now is gran turismo 7 , or use similar model for outdate brz AC Garage , for the Prius I recomend Subaru Legacy GT300 AC best similar for me , Use it in GTR2 , thank you for the update!!!
You're welcome! Yeah the BRZ in GT7 looks extremely nice, Chivas posted a picture back in September confirming they're working on it BTW.
You're welcome!
Great work, do you happen to have any other cars like this?
Maybe the BRZ GT300 by Assetto Garage, but that's quite outdated now. Still waiting for a Prius GT300, probably we'll never see it but hope dies last :)
my God beautill LM Corsa, Why I never see before this car model , thank you so much!!!!!
You're welcome! I was also surprised it isn't a known mod.
Lovely !
Thank you! :)

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