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Subaru Impreza 555 1995 McRae + Sainz 2.4

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Car: Subaru Impreza 555 Group A
Driver/co-driver: Colin McRae/Derek Ringer + Carlos Sainz/Luis Moya
Team: SWRT
Class: Group A
Year: 1995
Installation folders:
McRae censored livery - \DiRT Rally\cars\models\555\livery_44\textures_high (replace blue car 9/9)
McRae 555 livery - \DiRT Rally\cars\models\555\livery_41\textures_high (replace white car 8/9)
Sainz 555 livery - \DiRT Rally\cars\models\555\livery_40\textures_high (replace white car 7/9)
interior (all cars) - \DiRT Rally\cars\interiors\models\555 (replace ALL interiors with blue rollcage)
Version: 2.2
Released: June 2th 2015 (last update October 20th 2015)
Author: meerkat80 (

Several updates to stock texture: bumper pod mounts, hood bolts, side skirt, rear window defog lines, etc.

-several updates on parts, colors and details

-lighter blue paint
-new cabin textures with blue rollbar
-repackaged with both censored and the explicit State Express 555 livery
-new rally plates and side numbers
-new license plates
-minor updates

-repackaged with the updated Sainz 555 livery
-Pirelly tire textures
-different (again) blue paint

Latest updates

  1. New historic version plus fixes

    -skin in slot 9/9 (livery_44) is now Colin's historic NetworkQ rally car #4 -NetworkQ number and...
  2. Tire textures, Sainz livery, etc.

    -repackaged with the updated Sainz 555 livery -Pirelly tire textures -different (again) blue paint
  3. New paint, blue rollcage, new rally plates, license plates, 555+censored, etc

    Car: Subaru Impreza 555 Group A Year: 1995 (accurate game model) Driver/co-driver: Colin...

Latest reviews

Great skin...
Good work, I like the collection. I use the excellent skin ( livery_44) in slot 10/10 "Colin McRae NetworkQ rally car #4"
Great skin... color, decal and attention to detail!
I don't know if the blue in the last update is too bright, I like the new beautiful blue but sometimes 1995 Impreza looks darker (or more purple, is truly difficult to say). I understand why you change it so much (also the yellow is too pale for me). However only missing the 555 SUBARU RALLY TEAM on the vent (also in the Richard Burns 2001 Impreza). I will appreciate it, here a pic to help you. Your skins are the best, love them, thank you.
Great man!! Nice that you did the rollcage

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