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stracker 3.5.1

server side statistics tracker, ptracker's "sister app", HTTP output

  1. 3.0.0-experimental: use new server plugin API

    Here is the first (highly) experimental version of stracker using the new server API. Don't forget to enable the plugins in your server_cfg.ini:

    stracker automatically connects to these setting, if not configured otherwise. Stracker can forward the plugin protocol to other plugins. A lot of information is already there at the server side, and the good news is that Stefano is willing to add more things. This is going to be cool, we don't need to rely so much on ptracker anymore!


    • first version including the new AC server API (using acplugins4python)
      • it is needed that you enable the plugin feature in server_cfg.ini
      • you can optionally forward the protocol to other plugins in case you want to run more than one, see stracker.ini
    • bandwidth optimizations in the protocol between stracker and ptracker
      • these sould address the recently discussed warping issues when stracker is running (please report any issues)
      • Note: if you want to test this, you should set ptracker_connection_mode=newer in stracker.ini to allow only new ptracker versions to connect
    • server-side recording of the lap details, no need to transfer the big binary blobs from ptracker anymore
    • calculate server-side soft splits (if any splits have been uploaded by ptracker already)
    • server-side calculation of the valid flag (only possible for servers with penalty atm. I hope this will be possible for servers without penalties in the future)
    • server messages are now sent over chat if ptracker is not available (message types sent over chat are configurable in stracker.ini)
    • add stracker.ini option for controlling the ptracker connections (settings are any, newer, none)
    • new messages for car to car collisions, showing the name of the other car and the impact speed
    • delay welcome messages until the car moves the first time
    • invalidate laps with collisions
    • include lap rank in the best lap messages
    • upgrade to sqlite (should have a better performance)
    • http: new tyre selector in the lapstats table (only for laps after AC 1.2.x)
    • http: display number of laps in the lapstats table
    • http: add option whether or not to generate svg graphs in http output
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