Stock Car V8 - Fictional Valentino Rossi skin 1.0

Fictional Valentino Rossi skin for the Stock Car V8

  1. race_fanatic_
    Rossi livery for the Stock Car V8
    By: Race Fanatic 3/26/2016

    Fictional Stock Car skin of Valentino Rossi. I took the Fiesta used in the 2014 Monza Rally as inspiration.

    Skin only replaces the 46 car of Boetger Competicoes.

    Installation :
    Extract this file to GameData\Vehicles\StockV8_2015 in your Automobilista installation.

    20160317234405_1.jpg 20160317234413_1.jpg 20160317234420_1.jpg 20160317234429_1.jpg 20160317234442_1.jpg
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