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Snetterton (BTCC) 3.1

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New track from btcc series.
Road redone, textures redone, usual stuff inside.:D

Really tricky track. Hard here to find the rythme.
Optimised in Porsche 911 and believe me, this bumpy track is a nightmare for it :roflmao:

Track appears in the BTCC folder.

Thanks to Rafffel and Denis.

EDIT March 2015 : restarted from zero. Grass mapping added and road reworked.
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Latest updates

  1. Grass, textures, racegroove and road update

    Hi. Some improvements here. 3D grass, textures, road surface, racegroove (now it goes over...
  2. Restarted from zero

    Hi all. Restarted from the beginning. New road feeling, new texture for road and grass, new...
  3. Grip feeling optimisation

    Discovered something better so... last update ;-) Better grip feeling.

Latest reviews

hey I have a problem with the thack its wont load its saying it has a sky mas file error if any of you can help me thanks
Patrick Giranthon
You have to put the btcc folder in the game, not only the snetterton folder.
awesome, many thanks
THX Patrick , you never sleep LOL
Thank you Patrick :)
THX Patrick
Great work ! I have a question. What a tool you use for creating your fantastic tracks?
Patrick Giranthon
As already said, I dont create tracks, I update them. I picked this one on your own website but I dont know who created it. Hope he will not be hurted by this, anyway credits for him first.
To do a correct upgrade, you will need 3dsmax. No choice.
man u made my day! i wish we could race the copa petrobras cars on those btcc tracks
Haha, what a ''stupid'' track. :D A great work overall on this track. Thanks for another great addition.
I had to move the .tdf file to the last folder to get it to work, but once done, I discovered the usual Giranthon magic. A cracking upgrade and nice to see the dip in the Bombhole accurately rendered..!
looks like youre a machine :D
Another one :-) THX

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Patrick Giranthon
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