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SKY Racing Team VR46 Tricolore Skin (Mugello 2014) 2.0

Skin for SKY Racing Team VR46

  1. marcobis14
    This's a skin that remember the Sky Racing Team VR46's painting at Mugello in 2014.
    Here are some photos.
    This skin needs to be installed with MIXFILE REMIXER
    How to install it?
    1) Open your program than,in SELECT MIXFILE,click on browse and select MOTO3.MIX,than select your destination in DESTINATION DIRECTORY and finally select extract all files in mixfile ------ extract files.
    2) Open my .rar,select the MOTO3 folder and overwrite the original with the mine.
    You should see this.
    3) After done that,go in mixfile remixer,select CREATE NEW MIXFILE and click on the MOTO3 folder.
    Select the mixfile format in " SBK-X/V8",select NEW MIXFILE PATH and select the MOTO3.MIX. Finally click in pack new mixfile.

    If you follow my tutorial correctly you should see the skin correctly in the game.
    Please rate me because the rating for me is very important to try to improving :) (yes,this is my first skin in a Milestone game)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bram Hengeveld
    Bram Hengeveld
    Version: 2.0
    Fabulous looking skin. Great presentation shots also. Kudus!
    1. marcobis14
      Author's Response
      Thanks! ;)
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