Skinpack Gran Turismo Vol. I - Americans

Skinpack Gran Turismo Vol. I - Americans 1.0

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Gran turismo is one of my favourites driving and racing saga. It has a very chill vibes mixed with the tireless need to collect cars, drive them, and win whit them in multiple championships.
So, I focused on the part of the cars, more concretely, on the car detail.

After that Introduction I present you the first one of a total of 4 packs of skins. This is the first one, the American Pack, that has skins for:

-Vector W8 Twin Turbo (1ST Racing Studio, *********** and Dragster666) : Skins are based on the GT2 Vector
-Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06 (Lucas Macedo) : Skins are based on the GT6 Corvette
-Chevrolet Nova SS 396 (UncleM) : Skins are based on the GT6 Nova
-Chevrolet Camaro SS 2010 (PedroBLR) : Skins are based on the GT5 Camaro
-Chevrolet Camaro SS 2002 (UncleM) : Skins are based on the GT4 Camaro
-Dodge Charger SRT8 (Team SBH edited by unknown) : Skins are based on GT6 Charger SRT8
-Dodge Viper SRT10 (Pedro_B) : skins are based on the GT5 Viper
-Dodge Charger RT 440 (smallblockhero) : Skins are based on the GT4 Charger RT-Plymouth Prowler (PedroBLR updated by ACTK) : Skins are based on the GT4 Prowler
-Plymouth Superbird 1970 (unknown) : Skins are based on the GT4 Superbird
-Shelby Series 1 (Smallblockhero updated by ***********) : Skins are based on the GT4 Series 1
-Chrysler PT Cruiser GT (Nabaoui) : Skin are based on the GT4 PT Cruiser











You can find this car on Youtube, except the ones that are updated by *********** and aren't already return on the page (*********** falls two months ago and doesn't have all mods yet).

Also you can follow me on my new Instagram account @tchosko_, where I'm going to upload car content and some content about the next skins too ;)
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