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  • Alien speed in online races

    Votes: 68 33.8%
  • Super expensive high-end hardware

    Votes: 133 66.2%

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skin AC Cobra

skin AC Cobra 1.0

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Latest reviews

Amazing great job , thanks mate ! :)
Vautour Boiteux
Vautour Boiteux
thanks jerry
Very nice, however you have used the wrong glove shape so the textures are all wrong. Just re-naming driver_gloves to driver_gloves_67 doesn't work. They are a completely different shape. Same with the cobra black & white.
Vautour Boiteux
Vautour Boiteux
ok , I looked inside view and nothing is really shocking. It's not very nice indeed and these are not the original gloves but everyone can change them in his directory.I will try to do better next time and thanks for five-star notation.
Stunning!! Thank you
Vautour Boiteux
Vautour Boiteux
thanks michael
Vautour Boiteux
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